By: AishaSS-215


We recently made a new addition to our home. The room added was a sunroom. This room overlooks the street, so privacy has now become an issue. I wanted something that would be able to filter through light when closed, give me privacy, but also control the amount of light throughout the day when opened. I did some research and found that wooden blinds were not for me and neither were the typical shades. The limitations with the blinds were they had to be open all the way or tilted to get light but when closed its would be completely dark. With the shades the issue was that if down it could filter light, but to have brighter light, I would have to open it up all the way and in turn lose the privacy I so desperately needed.


After searching for what seemed like forever I finally found the perfect product for me. The product is what is called a serenity shade. It’s like a blind and a shade all in one. It’s sheer so when closed it filters light through and to open I can either pull it all the way up like a roller shade, or I can leave it down and tilt it like a blind. I decided to go with the almond light filtering serenity and I installed them myself easily into the 6 windows. And it works amazingly well in terms of the functionality I needed. The price, even though a little high,¬†was well worth the cost. It also provides a soft and delicate look to the room.


The windows now compliment the decor which is furnished with a soft cashmir sofa and love seat. And along side that sits an indoor water fountain and a series of flower pottery. I can’t wait to decorate the rest of my house with this product!