By: Sai

These terms are so important in the blind world but how is the regular consumer supposed to know the difference. I know I sure didn’t until I went looking for blinds.  My goodness, I still have a headache!  Every room has some type of different requirement that I wanted follow. So guess what I am doing for this blog. I will teach everyone the difference between requirements, and how I used each throughout my house. This will be a long strenuous process. It will hurt your brain, but in the end you will enjoy it! Let’s begin!


  • In the world of blinds, is defined as something you can see through but cuts down on the glare, the light, and it obstructs some view. I ended up using this in my sun room and kitchen. In these rooms all I needed was something that cut down on the glare. I didn’t want to be blinded by the light, but I still wanted it to be see-through. In the kitchen, I used it on the window over the sink because my kids play in the backyard and I could watch them and still get things done.  In the sun room it was perfect because I just wanted to cut down the heat from the sun but not lose any of my view. So in here I used sun weaves so I could see right through the shade but my room was not blazing hot.


  • A step above sheer! Light filtering means that plenty of sunlight will come but no one can actually see in. At worst case scenario when you stand close to it you can see a shadow. Light filtering means that it is private. This was perfect in my dining room. I put crisp clean cellular shades in there. I didn’t do any curtain because I wanted a nice modern look. In my living room  I ran into a dilemma because I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted some light to come in but when I was watching TV I wanted to block it out completely and still have privacy. So, I did wood blinds in there so I could tilt them and get full control of the light. I could get a little light at one time and nothing when I wanted none. Blinds are considered something that you can tilt open and close and rise up and down. They are light filtering and room darkening.


  • Something that cuts out most of the light, but you can still have little cracks of light coming through. This was ideal for when I was trying to cut cost in my guest bedroom and my kid’s room. In the guest room I put mini blinds up, nothing fancy!  It cuts out most of the light. I also put a valance on it to make it look nice. In my kids room I did roller shades with a pattern, they have gaps on the side but they do the main job of cutting out most of the light.


  • Is considered Cave dark.  No sunlight comes in and I love it. I can sleep in and I can take a nap in the middle of the day, and it feels like nighttime. In my bedroom I went all out and got blackout cellular shades. I love them they are perfect. They have a nice tight fit in my window and they are nice and clean. The best part is that there is no sunlight coming through.  These are my favorite shades.

To finish I hope my examples and definition are helpful in your blinds search.  I hope it was fruitful and educational and it makes your search for blinds a little bit easier!