By: DominicSS-207

I have a small sun room on the west wing of my summer home that has a large picture window in it. The room gets a lot of sun which is something that I really like but it can be over bearing at times. The middle window is fixed and the two side ones open up and I wanted to put three separate window treatments over each window. The window had a large vertical with plastic slats hanging which looked horrible and was also broken and falling apart so I took it down. I did a little research online and found that I had far more options than I could imagine. I decided that I would need some professional help so I visited a custom blinds shop.

I showed up and saw that there were a large amount of displays that I could look at and try out to see which had the right feel for me. I wanted something that would be very appealing and allow light through it. The purpose of the shade would be to cut back on the direct sunlight and give me a little privacy while still keeping the room plenty bright. I saw one style that really caught my eye and seemed to do everything that I wanted. The shade that I saw looked like a cross between a blind and a shade. The product is called a serenity shade and when you pull the shade all the way down it tilts open like a blind but it has a sheer front and backing on it. The shade looked amazing and I decided right away that I needed to have that. I found out that I could have one large one to cover the entire window if I liked, but I wanted to keep the three split up still so I went with the original plan. I was a little upset that there were no options available as far as changing the headrail but the one that it comes with still looks nice. I ended up choosing a white in order to match the window trim.

I have recieved many compliments on the look of the shade and how it makes the whole room look far nicer than it did with the old broken vertical.