Back To School

Let’s face it, once we turn the calendar to September, summer is basically over. Even though fall doesn’t technically start until the 22nd, once the hustle and bustle of school starts again, there is no time left for summer fun. I learned a great idea from a friend a couple years back, that has helped to make the transition a little smoother – for the kids going back to school, and the parents putting the kids on the bus.

The idea is creating a list of fun fall activities to do with your kids. The thought process behind it is that the summer is filled with new adventures, and fun outings as a family, and it always seems like the fall is too crammed to fit anything in. By creating a list with your kids, and committing to a certain number of things each month, you will be forced to make time, and not miss out on creating memories (some big, some small) as a family.

The first year we made a list, we were a little too ambitious – keep in mind your time is more limited – so the second year we learned and some activities that take up a whole day, and some that you can do in an afternoon after getting the kids off the bus.

A few examples:

  • Going apple picking.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Make rice krispie treats
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Have a campfire – and make s’mores
  • Paint pumpkins
  • Play a game of football with your neighbors
  • Go horse back riding
  • Find a local corn maze

Of course, depending on the age of your kids, the list will change a bit, but make sure it’s things the family agrees on, and decides to do together. Don’t let the back to school blues get you down!!