It’s September, which means it’s Back to School time! — which also means PEACE AND QUIET during the day. No more running after kids all day; constant “i’m bored” or “i’m hungry” coming from all corners of the house – some me time; and with this me time comes organization! I always use the month of September as my “whip your house into shape” month but most importantly, we establish a balanced and organized routine for after school each day. Of course there are days where it doesn’t work out once after school activities and sports start up but generally this is our “school year mode”:

After school snacks are prepared ahead of time so they are ready for the kids once they arrive home. I usually prep them on Sunday nights and use freezer or sandwich bags to separate them and do something simple and healthy like apple slices or carrots sticks – something that will just hold them over until dinner. Then as long as it’s nice outside we all go out and play — sometimes just take a walk through the woods, or sit on the swings and chat – anything to just be able to enjoy the outdoors together. Then we come in and while I or my husband makes dinner the kids do their homework. After homework we have dinner together as a family. This is probably the most important part of our day.. taking time to ALL be together around the dinner table have been proven to help kids and families be close together and helps create successful children for the future. After dinner we finish any homework that may need to be done or checked and then start our night routines of brushing teeth, showers/baths, lunches for school and laying out clothes for school the next day. The youngest ones get read a bedtime story while the older 2 read to themselves or along with us sometimes.

We find our little schedule helps us to remain a close knit family and works well for us. Hopefully it or your own version of it will help for yours too!