By: Karen

As I’ve grown up in a household full of roller shades, my mother has had them as long as I can remember, it seemed like a logical step that I would be putting them into my new house as well. I really always liked the looked , they were clean, neat, and you could make them more traditional or contemporary looking based on how you decorated around them. I also knew that I would be putting curtains up , I really love the way you can just change a curtain and totally alter the look of the room , without spending too much money.

Because of my desire to decorate around them, I knew that I wanted to stick with a neutral color, and a little bit of pattern or texture , not too much, because it would make things more complicated, but when I actually got to the store, I realized there were a lot more options than there used to be. For starters, you could choose a spring roller, or a sidewinder (which is a continuous loop cord) , which really seemed like a plus because you would never have to deal with the shade springing back up on you. You also get to choose from a ton of different patterns and textures. There is also the option of adding a valance , so in my case if I ever choose to be without curtains, or just to do side panels, I won’t be stuck seeing the hardware.

The last option I came across was a scalloped bottom. It was a piece of fabric that hung below the bottom bar, and was finished with a fringed or gimped edging. It gives the shade a more finished look, which was extremely decorative. I thought it looked awesome! But, when I suggested the idea to my mom and sister they shot me down, and told me I would be committing myself to something I would get bored with in the future. Truth be told, they were probably right, but I still can’t make up my mind! Scallop or no scallop?