By: CarrieCL-Finale34_cambridgeRiverB


A bedroom is called a bedroom because there’s a bed in it. A bathroom, by

general definition, has a bath in it. (Fun fact! North America is one of

the only regions where a room with a toilet is called a “bathroom”.

Everywhere else, a bath is required and a toilet is optional.)

So, what is a sunroom? Well, it stands to reason that it’s a room designed to be filled with sunlight. Sunrooms come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and materials, but they all serve the same general purpose. And they’re popular all over the world. You’ll find them in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Asia. Though, depending on where you go, they may go by a different name.

One term I’ve heard frequently is “Florida Room.” I get it – Florida is sunny, the room is sunny – but the name feels weak. Lots of places are sunny. Why does Florida get to be special? It isn’t as if the concept of the room originated there. Nevertheless, last week I was on holiday in Arizona visiting my aunt. When I mentioned that I was going to be writing blogs on sunrooms, she looked at me and said, “Oh. Here we call them Arizona rooms.” Coming from Michigan, I’d never heard that one before, so I looked it up, curious as to what the difference between all of these rooms was.

Turns out, there’s no difference. It’s just a regional thing, like calling carbonated sugary beverages soda or pop depending on where you live.  Intrigued, I dove in deeper to see what other names this room goes by.  “Sun porch”, “sun lounge”, and “sun parlor” are all widely used if you prefer a fancier and more specific term than “room.”

In the United Kingdom, they’re commonly called “conservatories”. While a conservatory is generally thought to be specifically a greenhouse, plants do not have to be involved. In fact, the UK has a legal definition of the word! Any room with at least 50% of the sidewall area glazed with see-through material and 75% of the roof is considered a conservatory.

But my favorite title I’ve heard is the solarium. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie! It’s also the only term that has criteria differentiating it from the other names; solaria will generally have curved glass corners and glass roofs.

But, hey, if you have a sunroom, call it whatever you want! There aren’t any strict definitions or rules about it. It’s a room dedicated to warmth and relaxation. Give it a name that makes you happy!