By: Sherry

Many people have memories of an old pull down shade that they had in their parents house. Roller shades have come a long way since then and they certainly are not outdated. The mechanism used for the pull down shades is a much better quality, and there is an option to use a chain instead. They are a versatile option because of the wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. They also are very easy to use and maintain. A roller shade is a great option to decorate your window .

The fabric available for roller shades are very diverse, you could decorate every room in your house a little different. The colors available range from neutrals to very bold and bright colors. There are all different shades of white, beige, taupe, and brown that you could find the perfect shade for your room. Or, if you need a bright red, deep navy blue, sage green, or the popular espresso, they are available too. There is always a color option that you can use for any room in your house.

Roller shades also have different patterns available to decorate any space, whether it is a formal one or a casual room. If you have a formal dining room, sitting room, or which ever room, there is the damask de floral pattern available in the style Versailles. There is also the floral pattern of Ballet available. People may think roller shades are not very formal, but these patterns create a formal atmosphere in your room. They also have valances available to match the shades to really finish them off. You could also add a scalloped bottom edge with fringe or gimp to dress the shade up as well. If you choose not to use a scalloped edge, the standard bottom bar is fabric wrapped so it is still a finished look. If your room is not as formal, maybe it is just the tv room or a bedroom, there are other patterns available that keep it casual. There is one with a light texture design called Sophie or Landscape’s simple lines design. There are also natural looking fabrics available too. If you want the illusion of bamboo you could use the Redwood or Foliage fabric. There are many patterns and options available to create the perfect formal or causal atmosphere.

Besides the versatility of decorating, roller shades are easy to clean and operate. Because they have only one straight piece of material, they are easy to wipe down. If you choose a polyester or linen fabric, it is easier to dust or spot treat then a pleated shade. If you choose a vinyl option, those are the easiest to wipe down. The operation of the shade is easy too. The spring roller (pull down) is a very sturdy and smooth mechanism. This also makes the shade cordless which is great for a child’s room. Even easier to use is the sidewinder option. It comes in a white or silver chain, and makes the shade’s operation more precise. Either option you choose is covered by the free lifetime warranty. If either mechanism fails, Blinds to Go repairs it for free. Easy to clean and easy to use makes roller shades a great option.

All of the options that roller shades have available make this product more modern than what people may assume about it. With the updated features, they are very versatile. They can be put in any room in your house. The next time you are shopping for shades, keep an open mind and consider a roller shade.