By: KimRF-180


We recently decided to redo our sun room as the window treatments were beyond repair. My daughter had come to visit and decided to help me take on the project since she had remarked several times that the room was in desperate need of an update.

The room is attached to the side of house, off of the kitchen; and we tend to use it as more of a dining space. We decided to keep the dark espresso chairs and table since they offset well with the light maple floors. I bought a speckled grey rug and my daughter picked a complimentary grey color to paint the walls. Once all that was done, it was glaringly obvious we had to do something about the old broken venetians – they had clearly served their time! My daughter and I decided that it was time to get some blinds, so we started looking around for some different options.

I wanted something neutral but modern. I didn’t want to do the venetians again as they had always been troublesome to clean. No matter what I used, a duster, a dust cloth, a vacuum attachment, nothing ever seemed to get them clean! I also wanted something soft that would let the light in, but unfortunately privacy was a must since our neighbors are close.  I also decided that I was not going to use any curtains this time around for the same reason of avoiding as much cleaning as possible. Then, my daughter showed me some pictures of roman shades that I absolutely fell in love with.  They had the look of a curtain, but more modern, and the bubbled look made the room feel more formal. When we started looking into it further, it turned out there was a huge selection around of different textures and patterns.  My daughter helped me settle on a grey, taupe-like color called ash in a natural texture.  We figured this was a good option because it was neutral enough to match the room – and if I got bored of anything and changed it around it would match!

We got the new blinds and hung them up yesterday, and they look amazing! We definitely made some great decisions in this room!