By: Karen

It seems like real wood is out of style. Everyone that is getting 2 blinds seems to be going with the faux aka fake wood. I get it. They are easy to clean, they are cheaper, and who doesn’t want to save some money? But really , they are fake. They are an imitation of the real thing, just like if you bought a fake leather jacket, and tried to pull it off as the real thing.

Personally, I know that the window treatments I have in a room, or my home, are going to say a lot about my decorating style. If I go out and buy fancy furniture, use high-end fabrics, and really invest money into a space, I can’t imagine then, adding in some fake blinds. When you walk into a room, your eye is automatically drawn to the window, because generally it is a source of light, so of course, you want your guests to have something nice to look at.

After I had finished redecorating my living room, I went to purchase blinds, and was once again suggested to the fake wood. I took a moment to examine it further, but only confirmed my thoughts. Next to the real wood, it looks shiny, feels like plastic, and is heavier. Because it is heavier it has far more strings to support it , which look ugly. The colors are either a solid color with no variation, or have a print stamped on, that only simulates the look of wood if you stand a ways away from the window.

The real wood looks rich, it has natural grain running throughout it. It has natural imperfections like knots that give it character. There is a variation to the color, which really showcases the natural beauty of the wood. The store also had a lot of different stains and paint colors, which made it extremely easy to match to the other wood pieces that were in the room.

I know everyone wants to be practical, but there are some places you should splurge, because it really is worth the money. And trust me, no one is going to ask me if my blinds are fake, but they will definitely ask where I got them!