Making the switch from harsh Winter to Spring is easy, it’s about shaking off the winter blues and bringing the outdoors to the interior space of the home.

Spring is a time of renewal for both outdoors and indoors. Refresh your living space with these quick decorating ideas that are budget friendly, and do not require repainting any walls!


Spring is a busy time when mother nature is bringing itself back to life. Mimic the patterns of it indoors with oversized floral, and textured fabrics. Color throw pillows, blankets, and table runners can take on these seasonal patterns.

Table dressing

Switch out the focus of your table from winter candles to a blooming glass centerpiece of fresh apples, pears, or fresh flowers, daisies are a popular choice. Using live flowers is the true touch of spring, using crystals stones emphasizes the airy outdoors, they can be found in a lot of small boutiques.


Rearranging furniture can also reawaken a room. Try a different perspective and discover wall space to inspire your design creativity. You might decide to add a new piece of furniture too to give the room more color. Additional ways to welcome in Spring is with wallpapers, printed rugs and light colored furniture.

Window dressing

Remove the heavy drapes that kept out chilly drafts and expand your view with light, sheer window treatments. A great choice would be a sun weave shade, which are for protecting the furniture from the longer daylight hours.


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