Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin time is here! Although pumpkin has been taken over by food distributers and retailers, it’s important not to forget the actual pumpkins. Of course there is the traditional pumpkin carving, but the ideas have come so much farther and so much more creative over the last few years.

Again, there is the tradition knife carving of pumpkins which will never go out of style, but there are lots of fun new ways to carve.  One creative idea is using a drill, and different drill bits to drill out holes all of the the pumpkin.  The fun effect is that the pumpkins glow all over unlike the traditional carving which is generally on one side, and you can make the design as simple or abstract as you want it to be.  For a classier look you can carve four or five pumpkins with a simple design, or for more fun decor you can use different size drill bits and make the pumpkins all look crazy and different.  There are also different design kits that come with stencils, and different shapes to make the carving easier – and allow you to make your designs more intricate (Pinterest suggests using cookie cutters – although I haven’t tried this yet, it seems like a fun idea).

Other ways to decorate your pumpkins can generally make them last a little longer than carving.  Painting them is a great option – you can use different spray paints, finger paints, or puffy paints – to again keep the design as simple or intricate as you or your kids might like.  A fun design idea is using the spray paints with glitter in them which end up making really nice accent pieces for indoors while not coming across as over the top.  To personalize the pumpkins you can use the popular trend of initials or monograms on your pumpkins!

As always in decorating, make sure the projects are fun – get everyone involved and enjoy!