By KimRL-Tokyo_almond

Moving into a new home can take a lot out of you.  To make it easier my wife and I have been going room by room making changes. One project we recently did is our sun room attached to the side of the house; with nothing on four large windows. We don’t have neighbors near by so privacy wasn’t an issue, but by about 2 o’clock that sun pours in and makes the room very hot.
I took some rough measurements and we drove over to the local blinds store. We explained what we were looking for; something easy to clean that would cut out the harsh sunlight. The room is very simple with light colors and the four big windows. We also explained the furniture in the room is a darker walnut, but the trim was white and we didn’t want anything to really stand out.
The gentleman showed us a an option called sunweaves. They are made specifically so you can still see out but it still cuts down on the UV rays! My wife and I agreed to a light grey color with a clean top piece to cover the controls. I went home to double check the measurements and called the store back. They arrived at the store in two days and they were a cinch to install. Although you can see just as clearly through them at night when the lights are on, we’re rarely out there after dark. They look great and have really kept the furniture from fading too!