By: Nasim

When it comes to picture windows it can be very confusing. A couple of questions you may be asking yourself:

– Should I use 3 separate shades, or one big one?
– Do I mount inside of the frame or on the outside?
– Am I planning on covering the frame or just the window?

These questions are important when it comes to assessing which window treatment to use. You will want to know if you have enough depth to mount inside of the frame. This could be a major factor if you plan on inside mounting and do not have a lot of depth. It may determine that you will have to outside mount the window treatment.

Another question to ask yourself is: do all three windows function separately? If so you may want to steer away from using one big shade, and instead opt for 3 separate ones. This way you can open one shade and one window and keep the other two down or vice versa.

Is this window something you would rather hide and keep out of sight, or rather just have it be shown and covered at certain times? This can be a good way to determine whether you want to cover the whole frame with the shade or just cover the actual windows and keep the frame showing.

These are a few questions you want to consider when looking for window treatments for a picture window. With these questions you can eliminate half of the long and confusing process!