By: Karen

As I was roaming around the blind stores in the area, I was trying to come up with a treatment for the new slider we added in our basement – I love having it open, but because of the sun coming in on the TV in the afternoon it needs to be covered.  We had refinished the room completely, and it now serves as a family/entertaining room, and installed a slider that opens up to the backyard and pool.  Chances are it will become the new hangout for my teenage daughter and her friends, as well as a great place to entertain my friends.

I decorated with very modern décor, a pale gray on the walls, espresso TV stand and side tables, and gray and black microfiber couches. Considering what the room will most be used for, I wanted to make it both trendy, and comfy, but also a space that could easily be cleaned from anything spilling or getting wet (from people going out to the pool) or dirty (there’s a BBQ).

Back to the slider, curtains seemed out, they are too heavy for the space, and are most likely to get dirty and need a lot of maintenance.  Verticals, which seemed like the obvious solution, really irritate me for some reason, they are noisy, old-fashioned, and seem to fall off a lot.  That’s when I came across panel tracks.

They have one cord to operate them (easy enough), move side to side (in whatever direction your door opens), and are extremely modern looking.  They are available in a ton of fabrics, it turns out they are made from the same material as roller shades – so there are lots of colors, patterns, and textures.  I tested out a few fabrics in the room, and actually decided on a warm espresso color that matched the furniture. It provided a really nice contrast to the walls, and did let light filter through, so even though it was a dark color, it still brightened up in the afternoon.  During the other times of the day I could just leave it open, and it still looked finished.

We’re having our first summer BBQ next weekend, and I’m sure the new room will be getting a lot of use.  I know that I’ll be getting a ton of compliments on my panel track, and it looks so good I won’t be surprised if I start a new trend!!