By: Erica

Growing up I lived in a small 3 bedroom house with my mom and 2 older sisters. Which meant there were four of us and 2 were shafted into sharing a room with one another. My mom clearly got her own room and my oldest sister Melissa was in high school, so there was no way she was rooming with her two little sisters. So you guessed it right, it was me and my sister Jen sharing a room. We at least for the most part had the largest bedroom in the house. Enough room for 2 twin size beds side by side with at least 5 feet in between with our own walk in closets. So for the most part I couldn’t complain. My sister and me were only a year apart so we got along, most of the time. But there were times I wish I could go to my room and feel I had my own space. If you’re wondering it never happened, until I moved out of course.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you my childhood story. Well currently I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 friends from college, and like my childhood I was stuck rooming with someone opposed to getting my own room. Financially it made sense, but can a girl get a little privacy??? My bedroom is large enough to fit both our full size beds and large closet space, which was a plus. But I needed to figure out a way to not relive my childhood again. So I did some shopping to see if I could find some kind of room divider. The only problem I had was where am I going to find something that would run 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall? That was until I went to my mom’s house and saw the panel track she had on her slider door. That’s exactly what I needed.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with panel tracks, they are 22-30″ wide pieces of material that hang and run on a track. There is one cord that operates how it opens, whether it opens and stacks to one side or opens in the center to stack on the ends. They can be a decorative piece and a functional piece. In my situation I decided to use it in a more creative way I guess!! Panels that run on a track that I can slide are ultimately what I needed. Now, not only do they come in all different sizes, since they are made for large doors and windows, but they come in such a variety of colors, styles, patterns and textures. For example, one store had a selection of woven bamboo materials that I never imagined could be made into panels. You had the option of adding a liner to block out light or privacy. Which would make sense for large doors or windows for someone needing a panel track for its original purpose. Although the natural look is what I was going for, they are a little bit more expensive than I anticipated spending, but my friend and me split the cost, which worked out great! We both settled on an organic leafy patterned fabric that went well with our Japanese theme room. So if you don’t have an option of creating a wall and need an alternative, Panel tracks are not only for doors, but a divider to any room.