By: Dominic

My wife and I bought a home a few years back. It has a large living room/sun room. The room is very large and has many windows in the back-end of it and also a door leading to a back deck. The room really serves two purposes for us. We use it for watching television and just relaxing. We also use the back portion of the room as a sun room. We contemplated putting a wall up to divide them into separate rooms but we really like to have the whole thing open from time to time. A friend of ours recommended that we put up a panel track which could serve as a way to close off the living room from the sun room.

We decided to look into the panel track idea, and as it turns out there are actually many different options for types of materials that can be used for the actual panels. The large selection made it quite simple to find a material that we liked, and went well with the room. The track can also be made to a variety of custom sizes, so it was much easier than we expected to have it reach from one end of the wall to the other. The product is easy to operate and it looks great in our room.

The panel track was hands down the best option for us to divide up the room. We love how we are able to easily close off the living room into a television room and then easily open it up for a large spacious living room. We saved a lot of money by going with the panel track as opposed to building a wall in the room as well. The panel track was easy to install, and only took up a couple of hours of my Saturday. Building a wall would have taken days and been more expensive. The panel track was a good alternative to a wall, especially because of the amount of money I saved.