Out With The Old, In With The New

1. Faux Fur Accents:
Faux fur has been on the rise in recent years, but now it’s reaching into our accent pieces. Before, we’d add a nice fur blanket or a fur rug to add that plush vibe but now we’re really going for it. Match a fur stool with a fur chair, add in a fur ottoman or two around the house. So warm and fuzzy.

2. Mad Minerals:
People are using minerals in all aspects of their lives. From Feng Shui to calming nerves to improving their diet, minerals are kind of everywhere right now. No surprise that it’s influence has spread into the home. Perfect for a spring refresh and making your house soothing and organized.

3. Geometry:
Geometric patterns are getting bolder and bigger. This time the trend is in black and white, using geometric patterns and print in a monochromatic way can be daring and easy to accessorize. If you’re committed to the monochrome life, start with a smaller room and work your way throughout the house. Bonus points for geometric walls.