The stores are buzzing with parents scrambling around to find everything on their childrens back to school lists. It’s the time with the kids are sad because summer is over and the parents are happy to finally get their sanity back. Unless you like me, a mom to little ones.
Facing that first day of preschool drop off as best as I can. My daughter and son both started at the same time, so it made it that much more difficult. Both of them lit up when they saw the class rooms, the toys, and all their potential new friends. As they were over filled with joy, I was trying to hold back my tears. My son in younger than my daughter, so they are in different classrooms. He was sad at first but only for a minute.  We would read books at nighttime before they started school about the things they would be doing and that the mommy’s and daddy’s always come back at the end of the day. This definitely helped the both of them. As the days go on, drop off gets easier and easier.
It started off with my daughter asking for two kisses and two hugs, down to one of each, now she runs in and instantly gives her teachers a hug. Sometimes she forgets all about the fact that I am leaving. My son cries less and less, now he runs right in and gives his teachers hugs as well.  He even walks right in eager to play with his friends. The arts and crafts projects they make for me helps me through out the day, adjusting to the fact that my babies are growing up. They are off learning new and exciting things and are safe. They are being taken care of with the love and patients that they deserve.