As a quiet place for introspection, a porch can carry people away to another time and place. Coastal blues and greens from cozy pillows to a graphic rug create a lively color scheme for this porch.  Although the water view is in front of you as you relax on the porch, don’t neglect the wall behind you. Perk it up with a fresh coat of paint the same hue as the rest of the house or shade that contrast with it and matches with sun weaves shades. Sun weaves will be perfect option that allows you to still enjoy your view all while protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Two oversize hanging swings offer a scenic spot for an afternoon nap. Give your beach porch a jolt of color and spice with tropical décor. Keep wooden surfaces a rustic, beach- weathered gray and add brightly painted buckets of flowers for visual pop. String party lights or Chinese paper lanterns above for contrasting colors and patterns. Objects in your landscaping can affect the overall theme more than almost anything else. Garden bed borders filled with small or crushed seashells and a path made of rounded, small stones hint at the coastal concept. Using large features could include a small, old, wooden boat used as a planting bed, a water feature, or a white or weathered picket fence. Plants are the most important in a beach theme porch. Adding any kind of palm like plant increases the illusion.