By: Sai
About eight years ago I purchased a home on the beach and the view was extraordinary. When you are driving to my new home you have to turn into a dirt road.   You follow the road down and my house sits right in the middle. Its hidden and all you see around are the weeds that grow through the sand. It’s a small  two-floor house.  The first floor consists of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One is in the master bedroom and the other is down the hall. That bathroom I call the community bathroom because no one is allowed in my bathroom. The main thing I love about this place is that the backyard is a beach. Every time I come here it is so relaxing I can walk out to my deck and enjoy the sun and the cool ocean breeze. I can go for a swim anytime I want and there’s no one to stop me. This place had done wonders for my patience and my blood pressure (joking), it’s so relaxing to wake up to this.

There’s only one problem. I have been here eight years and I am renovating again!  This is becoming an unbearable expense that might force me to sell the place. This house is on the beach and has big windows with a gorgeous view. The sun is so intense that I had to replace  the hard wood floor throughout the whole house twice. Every room is something different; in the living room I replaced the couches because they were discoloring. In the kitchen I replaced the cabinets because the top cabinets did not match the bottom due to discoloration also. The whole dining room set had to be replaced because part of it looked white the other half looked off-white. Upstairs in the bedroom my family complains about the sun’s harsh glare not letting them sleep. I tell them, “Too bad, I want nothing blocking the view!”  They say the same thing but something has to change!  So this is what  began my search.

At first I wanted wood blinds. They fit my need of the tilting aspect so I could still have my view. The problem was that I felt like it was too much clutter with all the slats, cords, and string showing.  That was too much for me on the window. Then I was going to do cellular shades that came down from the top so I could still have my view. They were nice  and easy, and they had a very clean look. Then came the problem the windows were so tall that I could not reach the top of the window so I scratched that idea. Then, while visiting a friend,  hanging out in her   I noticed she had these roller shades that I could see through. I asked her about it and she responded by saying that she wanted something that would protect her room from the didn’t obstruct her view.

I went home that very night and did some more research. I found out they were called sun-weaves. These shades are made for the specific purpose of uv protection, as well as, they let you see out. They are made with vinyl and fiber glass. This combination allows the shade to absorb the sun. After doing even more research I went to a showroom and I found that there a bunch of weaves and different amounts of protection levels. I explained my situation and the gentlemen at the showroom asked me what color I wanted. I responded by saying white. Then he proceeded to pull out the book of all the weaves that came in white and then proceeded to pull out a book that had the transmission level. It had everything from how much sunlight would  come through to how much you could see through them.  I chose one and put it in every room of my house.  I love them and I love my view! The best part is  something that I didn’t even expect, which is  that they are keeping my house cooler. I should have done it sooner! Who knows how much money I would have saved!