By: Meghan

Parents, want to make your child’s room or play room extra special this holiday season? Want to add decor- yes decor! as decor is the first step of DECORation- that will make the room cheerful and bright? Of course you do! You’ve already got tinsel, mini trees, garland, twinkle lights, personal menorahs, dreidel, but lets step it up further (and avoid clutter in small rooms or even potential fire hazards!) Themed rugs and bed spreads or furniture covers are great but the windows need something.

How about aluminum blinds that come in a variety of colors. Rudolph red nose will make any window special, as well as Oh! Christmas Tree green, Hanukkah blues are great on those windows. Tinsel silver and starlight gold, like friends new and old. Even Frosty white which can take them into the New Year with ease (hey even a present for you!).

The great thing about aluminum blinds is that they are inexpensive so if you do only keep them up forĀ  the holiday season every year you won’t be regretting the cost (though holiday season colors can translate to sports team red or princess tiara gold!). Plus they hold up amazingly, do not need ironing or steaming, and so easy to clean (hello Swifter!) a no fuss decor item that will last years and years to come.

If aluminum isn’t your thing, vinyl rollers as well come in a variety of colors. Both vinyl rollers and aluminum can be easy to store (and install and take down!). Though the vinyl roller is even easier to keep clean that even your child will have no problem giving it a quick wipe. A beautiful texture will look like snow on white, or grab an ivory, or cream. Hey even a red to match candy canes! Vinyl rollers come with white backings so from the outside your house will look uniform and nothing to draw focus. You spent hours on your lawn decorations, do not want anything to distract from that!

More pluses to either the blind or shades mentioned? You can get the feature of room darkening or even blackout. So your little cherubs won’t wake up at the first bit of sun. That way ‘Santa Claus’ can sleep longer.
Concerned with safety? The rollers can come cordless, or you can mount chains to the wall. The blinds can get a nifty cord cleat to wrap those cords around. This will allow you to sleep comfortably only dreaming of sugar plums as your little ones sleep safe in their beds.

Naughty or nice, do not even think twice! Aluminum blinds or vinyl shades help make any child’s bedroom or playroom extra special this holiday season.