By: Dominicborneospice_beauty_001

I have a fully enclosed porch in the front left corner of my home with four double hung windows. The sun room is always nice and bright, but I was looking to obtain some privacy in the room because after all the room does face the street and the people walking by do not need to see everything that goes on in there. I knew that there were plenty of options that i had to choose from so I decided that I would stop by a showroom to help me out.

After I arrived at the showroom I took a look at what the company had to offer and the ones that left the greatest impression on me were the bamboo shades. The shades seemed to have everything in the look that I was going for. The shades also had many options to choose from so that I could customize the product to best suit me.  They operated much like the roman shades that they carried as well. I was able to choose between a blackout or light filtering liner to back the shade. I chose the light filter because the only purpose that I had for the liner was to give me privacy. I was also able to  customize the length of the valance at the top shade and I decided the middle length looked best. The options that were not available that I would have liked would have been at top down feature and also to change the cord color. They also had fabrics that you could line the edge of the shade with to give it a more complete look and also protect the edge from fading. I chose The Figi style shade with a cream colored fabric and a privacy liner in the flat panel style.

I installed everything later that week and everything looks just the way I had hoped it would. The house is a summer house and it kind of has a beach theme throughout it and the bamboo does a excellent job of enforcing that theme.