The most convenient way to control your window treatment.

In this high tech world we are currently living in, it’s no surprise that every time you turn around there is some new invention. The other day I saw a refrigerator with a built in coffee maker! So of course, why would the world of window treatments be any different. The dream , that many of us have seen in the movies, where the actress flips a switch, and the blinds close down for a mid-day nap , is now a reality to the average consumer.

The motorized feature is not only cool , but it’s extremely handy, and not surprisingly comes with a whole bunch of customization options. If you have an open floor plan on your main floor, you can sync up to 15 different shades to one remote , in the morning, hit one button, they all raise up, and before bed, lower them down! This surely beats having to walk around to 15 different shades to close off your house in the evenings. Another great option is to use it in your bedroom. Some people love to wake up to pitch black, while others love waking up to the sun streaming in your windows. With a remote, you do not even need to get out of bed to have this option.

They are most convenient , and likely the reason they were designed for , hard to reach windows. The gorgeous window over the foyer (that unfortunately is leading to fading of all of your floors and furniture), the fantastic window over the tub that fills the bathroom with light (except that your neighbors aren’t all that far away), or the transom windows in your living room (that are awesome until you want to watch the television in the afternoon).

Motorization can be added to the majority of shades as well , so you aren’t limited in your options. Any cellular, pleated, or roller shade can have the upgrade. Even real wood blinds can have motorization added , and gives you the ability with the touch of a button to tilt the slats open and closed. The best part is, while it does add to the cost, the feature is affordable to add on.