By: Mira


HV2-063A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of finding and moving into a new apartment, and like every new beginning, I wanted to make it memorable. And what better way to do that then to decorate my new home and add all the features I’ve always dreamt about. So, naturally very excited, I went and picked out a beautiful soft lilac wall paint for my bedroom walls and got a few new pieces of furniture, all in white. So far so good – I was pretty happy with the girly glamour those colors were bringing into the space, however there was still more to be done.

At that point in time I had no clue how to proceed – I still needed something to cover my bare windows. I believe many people have found themselves in a similar situation – there I was, shopping for window treatments with no clue how to pick some that would match my room. I thought the easiest and safest way to go was to just match my wall colors in order to create a simpler look. Well, let me tell you… I found a pair of curtains that had a sheer layer and a denser, darker layer underneath that matched the color of my walls – well, almost matched. I brought them home, hung them, and ended up absolutely hating them for the next 5 days that I kept them. I tried convincing myself they would grow on me, but they brought nothing special to the space; in fact, they actually made the room seem smaller.

Trying to correct my mistake, I started looking for a different way to dress my windows. However, I couldn’t seem to find another color or texture that intrigued me- until one day I went shopping with a friend of mine. We were strolling down all the aisles of the store, (more talking than shopping), when all of a sudden I stopped – there it was – the perfect accent piece. It was a little pillow, which incorporated the colors of my room in a way I hadn’t even thought about until then – it was a white outline of a big purple and lilac flower. The floral print on that pillow helped me open my mind to something far more decorative than the solid color shades I had previously looked at. Shortly after this pillow inspired me, I found the perfect final touch to my room’s decor – my flower-patterned shades (which have been up for a few weeks now) and I love every single thing about them. Every time I look at them, they bring a smile to my face.

The moral of the story here is do not be afraid to think out of the box and get out of your comfort zone – choose a brighter color, mismatch patterns and textures, be bold, create the look that would bring the space to life. Get a new fun throw for the old couch, a bright and colorful pillow for the big armchair, even something as simple as a new tablecloth can completely transform the atmosphere of the room.