By: Karen

I’ve lived in my house for about five years now. When I first moved in, I took care of all of the crucial things.  I painted the entire house , all the same cream color at the time, got furniture for some rooms , I didn’t have enough from the smaller house I had moved from, and updated the necessary things – like appliances and such that could not wait.  After taking care of all of the necessities, along with the down payment, I was out of cash, so I decided to survive as long as I could with some of the things I would have loved to change.

One of those things was my living room. I had brought furniture from my old house, which looked a little worn, but honestly did what I needed it to do.  The couches were comfortable enough, and the end/coffee table were in decent condition, but realistically were in need of an update.  They had a stain here, and a scratch there, but they did what they needed to do for the last five years.  Finally, I have saved up enough money to start some more work on the house, and the living room is top on my priority list.

I have decided to add an accent wall, being that the paint , although fairly dull because it is all the same color , is in very good condition.  I decided to go with a moss color, which has totally changed the feel of the room.  I also decided it was time to invest in new furniture.  I was able to get a really nice set at a local furniture store , where I was able to get a couch, a love seat, a chair, two end tables, and a coffee table that all coordinated with each other.  The chairs had tan, maroon, green, and beige colors, and the wood was a nice warm cherry color.  It looked amazing with my new accent wall.

Along with the old stuff I donated to a local charity, I threw in my old drapes.  They matched to my old furniture , they had actually been handed down to me , and had seen better days.  This left me with four rather large windows that needed to be covered.  (In retrospect, I probably should have kept them until I had a new solution, because the room is currently on display for the neighborhood).  I decided I did not want any heavy curtains or drapes, if anything I might do side panels, so I started doing my homework on what was out there.

After a little while, I came across roman shades.  They were gorgeous , and completely eliminated any need for curtains.  They were like a curtain and shade in one! They had folds in them when they were completely down, and bunched up to create the appearance of a valance when they were completely up.  They came in a huge variety of fabrics, but I decided it was always safe to stay away from prints, and stick with something neutral.  I chose a fabric with a linen look, in a sand color.

After I hung them up, it really brought the whole look of the room together.  It really was the finishing touch I needed, now my question is should I tackle the dining room or wait until next year??