By: Brenna

SOFTLO1202A Now that my husband and I have retired, we are spending a lot more time together around the house.  Our main room of choice has recently been the sunroom. It is an area off the back of the house with 4 large windows, which take up a majority of the wall space. We have never had any window treatments to cover them because we have a lush wooded area surrounding our yard. This makes it not only private, but also provides an attractive view.  Since we now occupy this room during most of the daylight hours, we have discovered how unpleasant and harsh the sun’s rays can be during certain times. And this has disrupted any leisurely activity we may have been doing in the room at that time.

Since we have retired and no longer have the steady income, we have a tight budget, especially since we have such large window space to cover. In the rest of our house we have always had mini blinds because they function well for privacy and light control.  Adjusting the light admittance is our main concern, so I was hopeful to find a mini blind in a store that fit our window sizes. Unfortunately that did not happen. Since our sizes are so large and uncommon, no place sold theblinds in what we needed.

I went into my local custom blind showroom and was happy to discover the selection of blind colors and styles.  We did end up opting for one the more basic styles, which was a 1″ vinyl in a tan color. Considering the size of the windows, the price was affordable and now the sun room will match the rest of the house.

My husband and I will now be able to enjoy our sunroom during all parts of the day!