By Dominic

Cameo White paneltrack 2

About a week ago, I  finished the construction on my new sun porch in the back of my house facing the lake.  I wanted the room to be very open and bright, so I put eight windows and a french door into the room. (This was before I had put much thought into what kind of window treatments I would purchase to cover them all).

I purchased the furniture for the room the day it was finished and then I realized that I should look into some window treatments to protect the interior of the room from fading. I set out to find the window treatments that would best suit my needs.  I stopped in at a local blinds store where I was able to see a large selection of products and also receive advice from a knowledgeable salesman.  I told him about my sunroom and the lake view, and how I was looking for something to keep my furniture fresh and new looking.  He asked me a lot of questions in order to help find the products that wou

ld best suit my needs. He asked what color scheme was in the room, about my privacy needs, how much light I wanted to block out, and a few other random questions about the layout of the room.  We decided that a sunweave shadeswould work best in my new room, because I would actually be able to see through them, and see the lake.  I don’t need them to block the light anyway, because I enjoy the light in the room (and even though these let light in, I was assured they were designed to cut out the glare and protect my furniture). I had originally wanted them to be spring rollers but unfortunately the valance I wanted only came with the chain pull (after they were hung up I realized that was a better choice anyway because of how high the windows were).

The best part about this was that it only took 48 hours for me to receive the blinds, and they have a lifetime warranty! The shades are made of vinyl and polyester, but are designed to have the look of a natural bamboo shade.  I definitely got a great product for a great price.