“The weather outside is frightful…. but the fire inside’s delightful”…  Snow is one of those great things that goes along with winter, it gives you that feeling that the holiday season is here and makes us merry.  The one thing that no one misses is coming inside from those harsh cold days that winter can also bring along and not being able to warm up, or that pesky drafty window in the hallway that shoots our heating bills up and gives us the chills when we walk by.  Believe it or not, there is a solution for that, and this may just be the best time of year to get that problem under wrap-ping paper.

Weather is something that is constantly changing from spring, summer, fall to winter.  We battle the hot, wet and cold, the windy, rainy and humidity, basically we see it all.  While trying to stay warm in the winter time, most people notice that standing in front of those windows can give you that bone chill, when you can literally feel the cold radiating off the windows, that usually leaves you cold and wondering what you can do to stop that.

The best solution for that is using cellular window shades! They are an energy efficient product, which has a design that resembles a bunch of long thin honeycombs stacked on top of each other.  Those cells or honeycombs create a layer or ‘wall’ by trapping air in the cells, thus creating insulation.  The insulation feature is something that you can benefit from at anytime of year, whether it’s being used during the holiday season to keep your family and friends warm and cozy, or keeping them as cool as clams in the summer by keeping the cool air in and hot air out.  This is a product that works hard all year long to keep you comfortable, and even harder to help you save when it comes to energy consumption costs.

If you’re looking to transform your room for the holidays with a color that works all year round, we have a great selection of colors that will make your space feel like home, and home is where you want to be for the holidays. With a wide range of neutral and bold color pallets, two different sizes of pleat, and low profile sleek head rail and cordless options, you can be sure to find something that can fit any year round or festive setting.This product looks as good as you’ll feel while its working hard to keep you comfy. So keep your loved ones snug this holiday season, wrap up some cellular shades and stay warm.