In this day and age, everything is automated and computerized in some form. You can program your lights and locks with an app or press a button to open your garage and start your car; so why not motorize your blinds? Blinds To Go offers motorization in some of their most popular products: Harmony, Cellular, Pleated, Roller, Serenity, Cascade, AND Real Wood blinds!

Motorizing blinds and shades in your home is a great way to make mundane tasks easy and efficient. You can say bye-bye to that rickety ladder because motorized blinds and shades are ideal for those high or hard to reach windows. They are also perfect for groups of windows in one room. Imagine opening the Solar Shades in your Sun Room… one at a time… sure it’s just the pull of a chain, but it is a pull of a chain for each window! Now, imagine pressing a button to raise all of the shades at once. Opening, closing, even raising the blinds to your favorite position, all with just one button. Blinds To Go can give customers this simple luxury.

The appeal of motorized blinds is quickly becoming widely realized across the world. It gives you cordless design, an easy to handle remote, a quiet but speedy motor, and is a great time saver. The optimal components totally wrapped up into one of Blinds To Go’s motorized blinds. Want another reason to update your home? Our installers come out and measure, program, and install all of our motorized products! Blinds To Go disposes all of this to create a one stop shop for your needs. Come in and see them for yourself, it’s only the press of a button.