It’s October, and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. Now is the time to get your home ready; especially if entertaining is in your future. It is best to prepare ahead and not wait to do things last minute. The holidays should be enjoyable, not feel like drudgery. By putting the work in ahead of time, you can savor the beautiful home you have created and enjoy the festive holiday season.

These are the steps I take to jumpstart my holiday decorating:

Clear out and throw out. That means everything from closets to drawers. Pull everything out of each space and get rid of all the clutter. Make designated piles along the way while emptying too to help keep your stuff organized. (i.e. Keep Pile, Donate Pile, Trash Pile, etc)

Assess and Make a List. This is where you go from room to room, check out the condition of each room and its contents. Does paint need to be touched up? Holes need to be spackled?  Pillows restitched? It’s your time to take note of those “small things” that build up over the months or even years that you maybe keep putting off.

Prioritize. It would be great if we could completely redecorate or tackle everything on our “to do” lists, but life gets in the way and sometimes that just isn’t possible. This is where prioritizing and budget becomes key. If your sofa is looking worn but a new one isn’t in the cards right now, buy a decorative throw or maybe some throw pillows to add some new life to it.

Hopefully these tips will help you to prep for the busy holiday season that is quickly approaching! but in the mean time, enjoy the Fall!