By: Karen

I have a huge window. It is 112” wide. I know I am stubborn, but I like what I like. Sure I could divide the blinds or shades into three panels, to cover each window – but I don’t want to. I want one big shade or blind, or whatever to cover it all. Turns out, that really narrows down my options.

Apparently, most fabric shades do not come that wide – due to the materials themselves not coming that big (I get it…), most blinds do not come that big, because they are too heavy (also completely understandable…). Verticals, of course, are an option, but I think they are awful, and outdated. Aluminum blinds are a possibility, because they are lighter weight than any other blinds, but really, who wants an aluminum blind that wide – I’m pretty sure it would make me dizzy! The other options are pleated, cellular, or roller shades. Pleated shades would come with a seam down the middle – I saw a picture – not even remotely attractive. Roller shades are limited to “heavy duty” materials – usually vinyl.

That brings us to cellular shades. To be honest, these would not have been my first choice- they are modern and contemporary, and I am not. But, they come in one piece, they are lightweight, and they are not really unattractive to look at. After looking around, I actually found one with a nice paisley print – which brought in a little more of my traditional side.

We hung up the shade, and I really love it. See, I knew I would get my way!