By: Brenna

After recently purchasing a home in southern Florida, my family and I decided to renovate the bare living space above the garage. It was a unanimous decision to make it a home gym where the whole family could exercise and work out. Unfortunately, we were dealing with a big issue of privacy. Since there were windows facing right out to the street, we wanted to keep it as private as possible so neighbors and strangers wouldn’t see us working up a sweat in our exercise gear.
Not to mention, an even bigger issue; the climate of South Florida is hot hot hot! In fact, this weather is almost year round and being on the second level did not help at all. It was constantly hot and sticky up there, even when we were not working out. Not really the ideal environment for a gym.

After researching some options on window treatments, I found a sure fire solution! Cellular shades were insulating and private, which would work perfectly in our home gym. Not only would the shades keep out the hot humid air, but they’d also trap our cool air inside. Talk about energy efficiency! Since they are fully private, no one had to see us working out if they passed by the house. We were also pleased that they were available in a light filtering style, as well as, a light blocking style. This was exciting because in the gym, the type which allows light in is exactly what I’d want…and we were also thinking about the light blocking style for the bedrooms!

Another plus was that no matter which color or light functioning style we chose, they all had a white backing so every window would look uniform from the outside. This worked well since our neighborhood is somewhat traditional ( and dare I say bland?!) Only a product like this could make us and our neighbors happy.
Who wouldn’t love this idea of cellular shades, especially with these extreme weather conditions; very happy with my find!