By: Meghan

This is the time of year that we entertain, and as we all know entertaining means decorating, cleaning, and making the house look “perfect”. Between running around to make your house showroom perfect to presents (and yes window decor does make awesome presents!) to cooking pumpkin pie to egg nog- it’s always good to have a helping hand. So let me help you dress up those windows.

Aside from my suggestion of giving window decor as presents (because believe me, mom will love beautiful new verticals to replace decades old ones!) make it one stop shopping and get something for yourself!

For the holidays to dress up those windows. No need for fussy curtains which cost a small fortune. Having to get two panes per window, curtain rods, hooks, then having to iron and steam, the headache is just one gift you do not need. Plus as i said before, the cost will really add up. Spare the extra cost, the extra trips, that can really be spent on better items (hello, being Santa isn’t cheap!) and let me guide you towards blinds and shades!

Wood blinds that match dining room tables or furniture in a living room are a simple but elegant option. ThereĀ  are a variety of styles, as well as real wood styles, these options will help keep cost down and work with any budget. They as well have lasting power. Meaning 1) Don’t have to replace for a long, long time, 2) One less thing that has to be put away at the end of the season. They will dress up your windows for the holidays but will not look too holidayish. Another plus is they come with a matching wood or faux wood valance to finish the look. No extra stops to cover the top, as the beautiful valances match perfectly. If you do wish to step it up further, you can add fabric tape in place of cords to match those dining room chairs or upholstered furniture.

If your heart is set on all fabric, do not fret. Romans will give a finished look to any windows, and elegance. Less expensive alternatives may be pleated. Or go for a fabric roller and add a matching valance to complete the look.

This holiday season keep it simple and one stop shopping! Here’s to good cheers and one less thing to think about!