By: Karen

There are still like a hundred types of vertical blinds out there, but I don’t understand why. There are all these new fun and funky styles, is there any way that people could possibly still be buying them??

For starters, I feel like they were out of style about 15 years ago, when my grandparents took theirs down and replaced them with pleated shades. They still come in floral prints, pastel colors, and berber!? They look like someone cut up old strips of wallpaper and hung them on their windows. They are not attractive nor are they decorative.

Aside from their failed attempt at being decorative, they are noisy. They clang around, and wave back at forth, from even the smallest breeze, if I remember correctly a sneeze would start them banging against one another, let alone opening the window, where it sounds like wind chimes.

And, they get dirty all the time! Just because they are individual pieces, everyone that lives there, or visits just pushes them out of the way, without stopping to consider the fact that the chocolate bar they ate is still all over their hands. Not to mention the dog and cat hair that just seems to have a magnetic attraction to the verticals.

Unfortunately, every house seems to have a slider these days, clearly verticals aren’t an option, I guess I better start brainstorming…