HA1-090By: Ashley

It is widely known that white goes with everything, but so does gray. And gray is much more fun and interesting! It is such a versatile and dynamic color. You can dress it up or down. Gray can give a room depth and make bold colors pop. It can create different feelings and have different impacts on rooms depending on the temperature of the gray color you choose.

There are cool grays and warm grays. Cool grays have subtle undertones of blue, green or purple. Cool light grays are calming and peaceful. Cool dark grays are modern and exciting. Warm grays have subtle hues of yellow, pink and brown. They are earthy, comfortable colors. The ideal gray to choose would flow with the overall temperature of the room and other colors that were chosen.

Another great thing about gray is that it is neither masculine nor feminine. It even works great in nurseries with pink, blue, yellow, etc. Also, it’s not too dark and not too bright. It can be luxurious like silver, sophisticated like pewter, and works great with natural materials like wood and marble since it often appears outdoors. Crisp whites will keep it from looking dirty or dingy. You really can’t go wrong.