Ironically, most people spend most of their time decorating focused on the décor throughout their home, but don’t stop and think about what most people see – the front of your house! Of course, you make sure there is a fresh coat of paint, and a nicely mowed lawn, but why not bring out some of your personality and decorate your front porch. Whether it is just stairs, a small front porch seating area, or a gorgeous porch that wraps around the whole house, any space can be dressed up with your personality.

The best place to start is the front door. Of course, most people do the typical wreath during the holiday season, but what about the other eleven months of the year. If you love holidays – why not have a different wreath for each holiday. They sell them at most home good stores, but even better there are a ton of DIY wreaths online that you can make either by yourself, or with your kids as a fun project. By making them yourself you can make them as subtle or bright and colorful as you want, and can coordinate them to the colors of your house (for example, if you have a red house, don’t go with a green wreath in the middle of summer or your neighbors may think you are still decorated for the holidays). If you aren’t looking for something that will have to be changed so frequently, stick with a wreath that will work with all the seasons – something for example that features your last name or monogram.

Another thing that will work regardless of the size of your front porch is using plants to decorate. You can choose plants based on your style as well – greens, ferns, or flowers. Aside from the plant itself, use the planter to make a statement. You can get some great planters at most home improvement stores, or if you are looking to make more of your own statement start with plain clay pots and decorate them yourself!

If you have more space to make a seating area, dressing up chairs is a great way to bring some personality outside. Get colorful outdoor cushions or pillows – and change them by the season – or by your mood! Not only will that decorate the space, but it will make it a more comfy area to spend some time.

Whatever you decide to do or add to the outdoor space, just remember, your neighbors and guests see this area every day, why not dress it up for everyone!