By: Karen

WV-Palau-li-015_cmykBack in the days when we were growing up, the only floral prints that you saw, generally were on the upholstery of one of your older relative’s furniture.  It wasn’t really decorative; it was just there.  A lot of times there were multiple patterns in the same room, and it just ended up looking busy.  Luckily, times have changed, and floral print furniture is a lot less common, and a lot harder to find.

But floral is making a comeback.  Floral accessories and accent pieces are everywhere lately.  One of the biggest differences is the type of floral , yes there are different types.  The newer style features bright, bold colors, and defined patterns and shapes (where the older prints were generally paler, washed out colors, and much more reserved).  The patterns now are found on everything from basic canvas prints, to throw pillows, to lampshades, to curtains.  They are available at inexpensive stores, so you aren’t making a huge commitment when you buy the pieces, but can just bring them in to brighten things up.

The thing to remember when buying the pieces is that in this situation, less is more.  You do not want to get caught mixing too many patterns, because you can go from chic to busy really fast.  You also do not want to overuse the pattern in the room  – just because Target sells lampshades, throw pillows, and curtains all in the same matching prints , does not mean that you should be using them all in the same room.  The other thing to keep in mind is that you want to use the floral prints in a room that is already simple, and modern.  It looks best when you are pairing the prints with clean colors, and clean line furniture.

And ultimately, have fun with it!  The reason that you are using the floral in the room is to brighten things up and really make a fun statement.  If you are buying the pieces, do not shy towards the safe yellows and greens go for the fun reds, pinks, and oranges that will make someone smile when they walk into the room!