By: Karen

When I bought my husband a new flat screen for Christmas, my last thought was that I would have to redo the window treatments in the den. Turns out, the openness, the sunlight, and the great windows, is a problem when it comes to seeing the television. After the first day we hooked up the new TV, my husband started complaining about the glare on the screen, how he could see the reflection of the window, and how it really distracts from the great picture.

Up until that point, all I had on the windows was side panels. We didn’t have any sheers, blinds, or shades, because honestly there was no need. We didn’t have any neighbors on that side of the house, no one driving down our street could even see those windows, and the side yard was just facing woods. We had to come up with a solution that wouldn’t take away from the decor or the feeling of the room that I had always liked so much. The best options for blocking out the light were blinds or room darkening shades. The room darkening shades were out because they really were going to close in the room, and the blinds were just bulky (and just one more thing to clean).

After doing a little more research, we found out about solar shades. At first they seemed like they would look too commercial. After doing some more digging, it turned out that the shades that block out the glare from the sun, while still allowing you to have a full view through, came in a lot of different colors and weaves. While the more basic weaves looked more suited for an office building, some of the more intricate designs looked softer, almost with the appearance of a sheer, lacy curtain. I ended up choosing a shade that was in white, because it just blended in with my window frames, and didn’t draw your eye to the window.

Although my husband wasn’t all that concerned about what the shades looked like, he was really impressed that I was able to find something that I liked, and that did what he wanted it to do. Too bad his Christmas present ended up costing him money