By: George

Customers are constantly looking for something other than vertical blinds for their sliding glass doors. The good thing is that Blinds To Go carries several products that would work as an alternative treatment for you slider. You may not get the function and convenience of a vertical blind, but you will get something different.

One of the newest alternatives are PANEL TRACKS. They are sliding panels made of either woven wood or light filtering fabric roller shade materials. Your average 6ft sliding glass door will consist of 4, 22” overlapping panels. Panel tracks can slide in either direction or open from the center. They don’t tilt, so, you lose control over the amount of privacy and lighting. With the panels being 22”, more than ¼ of the door will be permanently covered.

If you want a treatment where you get more control over privacy and lighting, any CUSTOM HORIZONTAL BLIND will work. My advice would be to have them made with two blinds on one headrail, this way when you’re ready to go out or use the door, you can raise the door side of the blind, leave the stationary side down and it gives you a clean, one piece look across the top. Be carefull when choosing 2” horizontal, faux wood or any natural wood blinds. These treatments create stacking issues and can be very heavy.

  ROLLER, PLEATED, and CELLULAR SHADES, work well because you won’t have issues with stacking. They can also be equipped with a mechanism that would help solve any issues with the weight of the material. Pleated and cellular shades also have the 2 on 1 option available. This option is not available for roller shades. You can use two separate shades and cover them with one valance but you will have a 1-3/4” gap between the two shades. You may be better off finding a roller shade material that comes wide enough to do in one piece or use a panel track.

       ROMAN SHADES and WOVEN WOOD SHADES make a very bold statement as an alternative for your slider. With the amount of available patterns and textures, they fit just about any style of décor. Again, the 2 on 1 option is available and highly recommended. Be cautious of the stacking. Your average slider door height can have a stacking of as much as 16”.

What I would consider to be the “Queen Bee” of alternatives for your slider would be the SERENITY SHADE. It works like a blind, so you would have more control over lighting and privacy. It rolls up like a shade eliminating any issues with stacking. It comes standard with the sidewinder mechanism, so there would be no issues with the weight of the material. Unlike most of the other treatments, the Serenity shade is best done in one piece. Having the door covered with two shades would create a gap of 1-3/4”, and it’s not guaranteed that the slats will line up evenly.

Well there you have it. Although there is a lot to think about when it comes to features, function and considerations, I’m quite sure you’ll find something that meets your budget and needs.