With the many different beach homes out there opening up, faux wood is a great alternative to real wood. With the damp ocean breeze, a cellular wouldn’t be the best choice of product; due to the many cells, water and moisture can get trapped inside and may cause mold to form over time. Faux wood can offer the style and look of real wood but the durability of vinyl slats.
Faux wood is made out of PVC and can withstand the humidity and moisture. There is a lighter material offered for faux wood and that is compressed polystyrene. These blinds can be dressed up with a number of different options, such as a designer valance, fabric tape, or even a trapezoid shaped bottom rail. You have an option to add intimacy to the blind so it is more room darkening. Intimacy is where the notch is on the back of the slate instead of in the middle, causing the slats to close more tightly and let less light through. 
Faux woods blinds can also be an insulator. The blinds will differ from a shade insulator because the blind is something you can tilt open and close, meaning you have more flexibility when it comes to the harsh summer sun.
These blinds are room darkening, so it is a plus on those days you just want to curl up in the air conditioning and watch movies. Another great thing about the faux woods are the valances. They offer side returns so even if you do not have the space to mount them, we can give you side returns to give you blinds a more finished look. This also helps so you do not need to add anything too them such as curtains, or drapes. If you like blinds but want to add a little more style to the slates you can always choose to do two inch horizontal blinds. These slates are also room darkening. They are a vinyl slate with a rubber base coating on top to thicken up the slate a little. They come in many different styles, you can choose anything from a flat plain slate to ones with floral print. You can add the same things to a vinyl blind that you can a faux wood.