By: KarenDECOR1202A

So after the last week of trying to clean the shades that are on my front sunroom windows, I decided I needed to start over.  Of course, the shades are about ten years old , they are the pleated style in an off white color.  They used to have a pattern on them that seems to have faded over the years, but they function just as well as when we got them. This, of course, was why I had tried so hard to clean them, that and I really didn’t want to spend money to replace them.

It isn’t a room that we use a lot, it has a desk that rarely gets used, and a few bookshelves with books we have collected over the years.  It was a room that got used more in the past when we had a desktop computer, but rarely since that was retired.  The problem is, it is in the front of my house, so there are windows that everyone sees when they pull into my driveway.  And, if I were to leave them uncovered (something I strongly considered), you would have a view through my entire house.

So, I decided that my only requirements for replacement, were something that was inexpensive and easy to clean.  Turns out, nothing is really easy to clean except for plain vinyl roller shades (I do have some standards), but on the inexpensive concern, it turned out that blinds were the way to go.  I was introduced to wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vinyl blinds.  I quickly eliminated wood , needs wood cleaner, faux wood , too bulky/heavy for the room, and aluminum , too easy for my cats to bend.  This left me with vinyl, which I would have never expected to like.

Turns out, there are 2 vinyl horizontal blinds that are available in a lot of different colors and textures.  They can be tilted to control light and privacy, and are relatively easy to clean , with soap/sponge.  Even better they are cheaper than wood and faux wood! I picked out a style that had very little texture (less spots for the dust to get caught in my opinion) in a light tan color (white always shows dust).  I got them installed yesterday, and they look great! (We’ll see how I feel when it comes time to clean, but for now I think they are great).