The Family Challenge

Now that kids are out of school, all they will want to do is play video games as well as watch tv or even a few movies! On those beautiful days outside and you have the kids playing with their friends, set up a family challenge game that will quiz your little one on all the shows and movies that they watch along with ones from your own childhood that you might not remember.
Having multiple kids makes it easier, though even having a single child you can split it up and make the kids questions easy and the parents questions harder. A few examples as to some questions you can ask for the kids are: name the seven dwarfs in snow white, or what was the guys name that was in love with belle in beauty and the beast? as for the harder questions for the older siblings or for the parents you can ask questions such as: what was Gastons profession in beauty and the beast? Or what was the occupation of the parents in 101 dolmations?
after looking up these easy as well as harder question to ask, time to put the game to work. set up the questions from easy to hard and accomidate points for the questions, some questions range from ten to fifty points or which ever you think is reasonable. after that set it up so that the kids and the other harder questions are seperate. when the kids get home get ready for a friendly competition between the family. some ideas for the winner would be something like they get to choose what movie they get to watch that night, or they get to request what is for dinner.
This game is always fun to see what the kids remember, as well as it bring back childhood memories with the parents and older siblings. have fun!

By:  Leyton