By: Brenna

Soon after purchasing our first home, my fiance and I went on the hunt for window coverings. We live in a somewhat busy, congested area, so privacy was our main issue. We did have a budget because the house needed a lot of work, but we were willing to adjust it a little for a great product. Since we planned on living there for at least 5 years, we wanted something we liked and a product that would last.
The living room was our number one priority because we spent a lot of time in there, and our bedroom was already taken care of. My fiance was concerned about insulation because it was an older home with drafty windows; so the more insulating the better. I noticed a few of my friends had cellular shades in their homes which were not only insulating but totally private as well, even the styles that let light in!

After looking into the cellular shades, I found that there was a range in prices and was pleased to discover that the basic custom models fit into our budget. Since this would not be our permanent home, the fanciest version was not necessary anyway. We decided on a creamy caramel color in a simple style, which looks amazing in our space.

Not only does the neutral color compliment our current furniture, but if we invest in anything new, the shades will still compliment the colors. Also, since the shades are custom, we can sell them with the house, and this light caramel tone will definitely go with the new owner’s style.

The soft glow the shades emit in the day time is beautiful and provides a great barrier to the harsh city view outside. And I have to say I am so happy with the privacy they give. Even though we are so close to the busy sidewalks and streets, during the day and at night strangers cannot see inside our windows. They’re the perfect product for a starter home in a busy neighborhood!