By Gina G.


Cellular shades are great options for a wide range of window treatment needs, especially those needing insulation.  Here are some basic dos and don’ts for you if you’re considering cellular or honeycomb shades for your space.

Do select honeycomb shades for bedrooms.  Because they are offered in light filtering or room darkening materials, they can accommodate both the morning and afternoon riser.

Do choose honeycomb or cellular shades for additions (like dens or sunrooms) or simply older windows.  Because cellular shades are designed to be great insulators, they can help with heating and cooling costs (this also makes them environment friendly).  They are great choices for additions that are more subjected to the changing outside temperatures.

Don’t or at least take precautions when considering cellular shades in bathrooms or kitchens.  They are fine in half baths or powder rooms, but can become an issue in a full bath where showering causes the room to get steamy.  If there is any existing dust when this occurs, it can be hard to remove once it becomes moist.  In kitchens, cellular shades can be an option as well.  Take precautions if the window is located above the sink and you cook frequently like me.  You wouldn’t want any unfortunate splashes to damage the fabric of your cellular shade.

Do feel free to be colorful when it comes to cellular shades.  They come in a variety of colors and are white on the back.  Therefore, you can have vibrant colors that complete the interior decor but won’t effect the how your home looks from the outside.

Do try and fit your cellular shades on the interiors of your windows.  Again, because they are insulating, you will get maximum insulating benefit from them being mounted closer to the actual glass of the window.  Outside mounts (frame or wall) can also be done but consider that the honeycombs or cells will be visible from the side.

Don’t clean your cellular shades with water.  Use the suction of the hose of a vacuum or a blow dryer or compressed air can.  This will remove dust or dirt without damaging the fabric.

Again, cellular shades work well for most window treatment needs, and therefore have become quite popular.  Consider the above before purchasing them and then enjoy their many benefits!