Ok Back to School has come and gone and now you’ve had a chance to settle into your new dorm room. You’re “getting use to” that stranger you were stuck living with and the small living space you now call home; so – how do you organize, design and decorate now that you’re into the hustle and bustle of your new day to day independant life?! We put together a list of a few good tips on how to decorate this “new home” of yours.

  • Lots of pictures! While you may have been super excited to get out on your own, now that you’ve unpacked and settled in, reality has surely set in that you are suddenly far away from family and friends you have been use to seeing all the time! Having pictures around your space is a great way to remember they are only a phone call away. And make sure to get some fun picture frames , kill two birds with one stone , bring the memories, and dress up your walls with colorful/shiny/bright frames!
  • Add some personality! The long and short of it , dorm rooms are bland. The walls are boring. The furniture is boring. The window coverings are boring. Whatever elements you bring with you , make sure they are anything but boring. From area rugs, to your comforter set and throw pillows, even your towels! The styles this year include bold chevron prints, nautical patterns, and natural prints (think leaves/florals). A pretty timeless way to bring in colors is by hanging fabrics on the wall (almost like wallpaper , but much easier to remove at the end of the year).
  • Stay organized! Being that the space is limited, the more organized you stay the better. Utilize any space you have in the room to your fullest potential. For clothes , get bins that fit under your bed, and add hanging closet organizers. For school work , make the most out of the drawer space in your desk , add dividers and folders, and add shelves on top of your desk to separate paperwork by classes. For toiletries/accessories , make the most out of your dresser space (think folding clothes rather than shoving), and again build up (usually where you find the most space), by adding shelves on top of your dresser.

Don’t forget , college is an awesome experience, you make great memories, great friends, and hopefully learn a lot along the way!