Door Decor

You can never go wrong with traditional , hang a wreath on the door , and you are good to go. Although, maybe this is the year to change it up , get creative, impress your neighbors! With the popularity of Pinterest growing at a rapid pace, the ideas are endless, but we’ve complied a list to make your decorating both creative and easy!! Here are some fun and simple ideas:

Make it a present – Take this idea as easy, or complex as you like , just like you would with wrapping a gift. Keep in mind the door/location in mind, and consider if it is closed off or exposed to the elements. You can wrap the entire thing with a fun printed wrap, or keep it classy with a simple plain color. Then grab the widest ribbon you can , make a cross, and finish it off with a huge bow in the middle. If you want to personalize it , add a huge tag with your last name on it!

Build a Snowman – If you have a white door this is ideal. Using felt or foam (again consider the elements), cut out different pieces – eyes, a nose, a mouth, buttons, and a scarf (or you can use a real scarf). Hang it all up on the door and instant snowman!

Create a Santa – This one is perfect if you have a red door! Similar to the snowman one, cut out different shapes to create a Santa face, jacket, and belt, and then get large white pom-poms from a craft store to create a white beard and hat.

Make a Gingerbread house – If you have a brown/wooden door this one is easy , if not though cover your door in brown paper. Cut out a door, and some windows, and a bunch of different candy shapes, and have fun decorating! If you want to make it a little simpler , just create a gingerbread man!

Just remember to have fun doing it! Make some hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music, and get the whole family involved!!