By: Sai
I ask this question why are they forgotten? Why do they get treated like that member in the family that no one likes? Everyone has that member, the one that gets invited to the party just because you don’t want to be rude, but all the family secretly hopes that they do not show up. That’s  how I feel pleated shades get treated. Especially when comparing them against cellular shades.

Don’t get me started on that. Cellular shades get treated as the superior entity. I know I know they can insulate your whole house. You can’t  see the string because of layers of fabric the cellular shades bring. They can be uniform from the outside with the white on the outside. Cellular shades can come humongous sizes and different pleat sizes. They also have never-ending options such as top down bottom up cordless.  The list just goes on and on, its frustrating.

I know there a lot of cons on pleated shades. You can see the string running through them. They are the same color front and back and they are only one layer of fabric so they don’t insulate as much as their big brother. However! Pleated shades cannot be forgotten!  They remind me of Payton and Eli Manning. Payton is the big brother with all the accolades and MVP trophies; he sets all the records as far as a quarterback goes. Peyton Manning is unbeatable unstoppable and when Eli first came in he got no credit whatsoever.   He was tracked through the mud as a so-so quarterback that would never amount to anything but average.  Now look at him, he is standing tall. Eli given his chance, may never have the passing record Peyton will or the MVP trophies but when it matters most Eli came through and has two super bowl victories to prove it. For the moment he stands tall as the best quarterback.

That is why I say give pleated shades the opportunity to prove to you they can be just as good if not better than their big brother. Look at everything they bring. What shades are still modern and bring an immense amount of pattern and textures?  What shade has a large array of fabrics? What shade will give you different looks at different times of the day? Only pleated can look like a different shade in the morning then it can in the afternoon and then again at night. Pleated shades can still do some of the things that cellular shades can. They have the option of opening in both directions. They can also go in large sizes and they can also be lined.

So when someone tells you cellular shades are superior remind them of everything a pleated shade can do.  They may not always win but I guarantee that just like Eli Manning they will put up a good fight. Pleated shades are not that little brother you can pick on and forget. They are shades that are not to be messed with and will not be forgotten.