By: Karen

Being the wonderful parents that we are, we finally gave in to our children’s pleas this past Christmas, and bought them a dog, and yes, a cat as well.  The kids had finally reached an age where we figured they could handle the responsibility, but of course my daughter wanted a cat, and my son wanted a dog. I considered the walking and the feeding, which they have actually been quite good at keeping up with, but I never considered the effect it would have on my house.  There is hair everywhere, I’m not even sure how it is possible they still have any hair, they get into everything, worse than my kids did when they were babies, and they are breaking everything!!

I quickly realized that it was much easier to purchase chair covers for my living room furniture rather than trying to train them to stay down. I now keep a child safety gate at the bottom of the stairs so they can’t make it in the bedrooms, so that protects one floor from disaster.  And my husband and I have gotten into a habit of waking myself up during the night just so I can make sure Max (the new dog), doesn’t have any accidents.  The one thing I had not considered was my window treatments.

I currently have vinyl mini blinds, with sheer curtains, and drapes.  And, you guessed it, Mimi (the new cat), has tried to climb the drapes, and ripped them, Max has tried to peer out at the mailman – and everyone else in the neighborhood, getting dirt on the sheers and breaking a few slats on the mini blinds.  It turns out that I need a change, and fast – perhaps they will calm down, but in the meantime I’ll just put these treatments in storage.

My options seemed limited, most shades being made out of fabric were quickly eliminated, not only would they get dirty, but they stood a high chance of getting ripped.  Vinyl rollers that I would leave halfway up were an option, to allow Mimi and Max to see out the window, and are extremely easy just to wipe hair off of, although they really did not provide the look I liked in my room. Blinds seemed to be a better option, because if I left them tilted, they could see out, but they needed to be more durable than vinyl so they couldn’t easily be broke.  I was able to find faux wood blinds, which turned out to be extremely flexible, so they can handle some tugging, and can be wiped off.  They also come with a finished valance, so they still dress up my windows.

I guess no one ever said that being a parent would be easy, and certainly not cheap.  Next year I’m buying the kid’s something easy, like movies, or toys…