By: Karen
When it comes to window treatments, we all remember the services that were around years ago, where people drove around door to door with different window treatments.  Sure, it has its convenience, the person was in your house, and measured and installed, and matched for you.  But, of course, every added convenience comes with a price tag.  There are still companies around that will provide all of those services, for a fee. Yet, in reality, in an economy where money is a little tight, saving money wherever possible is always an added bonus.

And, let’s be honest.  How hard is it to measure your windows, pick out shades, and install them?  As far as taking measurements, the majority of shades are mounted on the inside of your window.  You measure the width, tight inside to inside, across the top, middle, and bottom of the opening.  You measure the height from the top of the inside to the sill, in the left of the window, in the center, and to the right of the window.  You also measure the depth , the flat mounting space at the top of the inside of your window , make sure to measure with the window open as sometimes you lose some of the depth.  If you have to mount on the outside (because you have less than an 1 depth) you measure the same way in several spots , just from outside from to outside across, and from top of frame to the sill.

To choose the product, most smaller stores have trained people working who will direct you to the right product.  Figure out what you need the blind/shade to do , darken, give you privacy, protect your furniture? Decide if you want to match something in the room, and if so, what, or just go neutral.  And, decide what you want to spend , if you know your budget going in, it is easier to find what works, and you won’t waste time falling in love with something you can’t afford at this time.

To install, everything comes with instructions.  Most products come with all of the brackets you will need, even the screws to install them with.  The only thing you will need is a drill or an electric screwdriver.  The majority of blinds have box brackets, which you install on each end, and slide the rail into.  Most shades have simple brackets you install along the top and just click the rail into.

Even if measuring and installing seems out of your reach, most places do have a service for a reasonable price that they can provide for you.  Otherwise, believe in yourself, chances are the whole process is not as complicated as you might think!!